Ultimate Guide To Waterproofing Your Kansas City Home

Even if water leaks are uncommon, just a little moisture in your home can cause significant damage. Your ability to finish your basement is restricted, Kansas City’s natural groundwater can cause cracks and bowing in your foundation walls and moisture often leads to bacteria and mold growth, posing a serious health threat to you and your family. Additionally, a dry basement is one of the leading factors in resale value of a home.

When you consider the risks a wet basement could cause to your family’s health, the increased resale value of your home after waterproofing, and the risk of a flooded basement without waterproofing, the decision becomes easy. But it’s important to know all the facts and options.

Let our Ultimate Guide to Waterproofing Your Kansas City Home provide you with the answers you need to make the best decision for your home waterproofing needs.

And then learn more about our approach to Basement Waterproofing and how we can help you today.


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Why You Should Waterproof Your Home

As we stated above, basement waterproofing is crucial to the health of your home and your family. Let this group of articles help you dig deeper into the reasons basement waterproofing in Kansas City is an important investment.

Basement Waterproofing Prevention

There are many ways to keep moisture and water away from your basement and foundation. Learn some of the best practices and options you can implement to keep your basement dry.

Signs Of Foundational Water Damage

Not sure what you are looking at. We understand as we’ve gone through rigorous training to become experts in the cause and solution of basement waterproofing and foundation repair. This collection of articles will teach you what you are looking at and looking for when it comes to foundational water damage of your home

Basement Waterproofing Methods For Your Kansas City Home

Finding the right waterproofing solution for your home is an important step. It’s important to research the options and know the benefits of that options before making this important investment. Learn your basement waterproofing options here.

Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Case Studies

Helical Tiebacks Installed for a Failed Foundation Wall

Helical Tiebacks Installed for a Failed Foundation Wall

Helical Tie Back Being installed through?a residential foundation wall. Hydraulic drive head. Workers adjusting the hydraulics? to continue driving the Helical Tie Back in the Ground. Average Depth is 15-20 ft. Helical Tie Back Load Bearing Plate. This is placed on...

Successful Lee’s Summit, MO Foundation Repair Job

Successful Lee’s Summit, MO Foundation Repair Job

Here is a piercing job completed by Keith's crew in Lee's Summit, MO. In this job, Keith and his crew worked to resolve a foundation repair issue with previously installed piers. The piers weren?t making sure the house was lifted and level, and that?s very important...

Successful Foundation and Waterproofing Project in Olathe, KS

Successful Foundation and Waterproofing Project in Olathe, KS

In this job study, we are going to Olathe, KS with Fernando?s crew. This was a fairly big job, and it had a few different pieces. The homeowner, Robert, purchased the home knowing that some previous work had been done to it. They had?plate anchors installed...

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