5 Common Causes of Water Seepage And Basement Leaks


5 Common Causes of Water Seepage And Basement Leaks

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5 Common Causes of Water Seepage And Basement Leaks

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The last thing that you want to worry about in your home is your basement leaking, but unfortunately, it is a common problem among many homeowners. Luckily, achieving a dry basement in Kansas City is possible with proper professional solutions. Before diving into how you can fix a basement leak, let’s talk about the 5 most common causes of basement leaks in Kansas City homes.

1. Poor or Ineffective Grading

When your home was built, if it was built correctly, builders graded the land under your home to ensure that the ground around your foundation slopes away from the house, not towards it. However, in many cases, homes in Olathe, Kansas City and Overland Park are in need of basement repair due to ineffective or degraded property grading. If water begins to drain in the wrong direction – towards your house – then water begins to accumulate against your foundation and leads to basement leaks in your home. Luckily, a dry basement in Kansas City isn’t just a pipe dream. A Kansas City Basement Waterproofer Contractor will be able to determine if ineffective grading is the cause of your basement leak and provide an appropriate professional basement waterproofing solution.

2.  Cracks in Foundation

Cracks in your home’s foundation aren’t abnormal but it can certainly be a cause for water in the basement of your Kansas City home. Occasionally, cracks in your basement can be the cause of the water. In this case, it’s important to enlist a basement waterproofer in the Kansas City area to assess your foundation and basement, and determine if your foundation cracks and subsequent leaking are caused by hydrostatic pressure or structural problems. From there, KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can provide professional wall and foundation repair for a finally waterproof basement in your home!

 3.  Missing or Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are other essential elements of any home as they channel water away from your home (and, more importantly, your foundation) when precipitation occurs. However, if gutters and downspouts don’t exist or aren’t working properly, water can then be directed towards your home’s foundation, where it can find its way into your basement and cause an excess of moisture in your home. If you don’t already have gutters, KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can easily source and install the proper system for your home, leaving you with a dry basement and free of worrisome leaks.

4.  Poor Drain Tile and Sump Pump

A drain tile and sump pump are important elements of any home. A drain tile exists in a home to collect water around your basement foundation and direct it to one of two places. If your home is not on a slope, the water will be directed to a sump pump in your basement where it is then pumped away from the foundation. In some cases, a home may not have a drain tile and sump pump, where other homes simply have an ineffective system. This is where it is important to consider a professional basement waterproofing system to solve for the lack of an ineffective drain tile and sump pump.

 5.  Basement Condensation and Interior Water Leaks

When warm, humid air comes into contact with the cool basement walls and floor of your home, the result is typically condensation. In severe cases, this condensation can lead to significant moisture in your basement, causing you to worry. However, for interior water leaks, the cause is different but still arises from functions within your home. Check for inside basement leaks from areas of your home including your shower,  sinks, toilets, the washing machine or dishwasher, or simply just a bad pipe. Trust a Kansas City Basement Waterproofer Contractor to quickly find the source of your basement condensation or leak and provide professional advice on which basement waterproofing system will address not just the leak, but the root cause for your basement leak.

Kansas City Basement Waterproofing System

You don’t have to live with basement leaks and worrisome moisture in your home. If you’re looking for a Kansas City Basement Waterproofer Contractor, KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair provides end-to-end solutions for basement leaks in places like Kansas City, Olathe, and Overland Park. This means you don’t have to find the cause of your basement leak in order to call us – just simply contact us and we will assess your home for free and suggest professional and long- lasting basement waterproofing solutions. To find the cause of the water in your basement and to find a long-lasting solution, contact KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair for a free consultation here. For more valuable articles like this one to keeping your Kansas City metro area home dry, visit our Ultimate Guide to Waterproofing Your Kansas City Home.



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