Basement Waterproofing in the winter

Excavation is Very Difficult in the Winter

Although some things are possible during the winter months, excavation is not usually one of them. Not only can the ground be rock solid after a freeze, but it also goes through freeze and thaw cycles. These freeze and thaw cycles can make the soil prone to collapse during excavation, which is not safe for workers or your home.

In most waterproofing cases, exterior waterproofing is necessary along with internal waterproofing and moisture barrier. Plus, if your waterproofing woes are being caused by foundation issues, you will also need foundation repair which is usually an exterior job as well.

Spring Usually Brings Lots of Flooding

Whether it’s just due to the snow melting off of your home and into the soil around your foundation, or it’s due to heavy spring rains, your basement will likely experience some water in the spring. If you have already waterproofed your basement, you’re in luck. You are unlikely to see any water, and if you do, your sump pump installation will take care of it.

If you’ve been putting off waterproofing, you might have some problems come spring. No worries! KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair will not only provide you with the interior and exterior waterproofing that you need when the snow clears, but we will also provide mold remediation if necessary and work to lower the moisture point. When water gets into your home, the air quality suffers. We want to make sure you and your family are safe for the whole year.

Coatings and Unexpected Winter Weather

Lastly, even if exterior waterproofing did become an option with a lull in the winter snow and ice, waterproofing becomes much more difficult. It is much more ideal to do this work in the warmer months, but we are happy to work with you in emergency situations.

When we put up waterproofing on the outside foundation of your home, there is a coating that we use to help it stick. When that coating is water-based, it can immediately freeze when exposed to the air which would compromise your waterproofing job. This is why we have to take the extra step and make sure that it is solvent-based in the winter months.

This is not a problem, but it is something to consider for your home in the winter months. Additionally, winter weather can delay our schedule and cause problems. This is an unfortunate reality of living in the Kansas City area! Weather makes the rules, but we come prepared!

If You Need Emergency Help This Winter, Call KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair!

If your waterproofing job is an emergency, it’s time to contact KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. We are happy to work with you to get your home back to being safe, and healthy. If you’re looking to schedule waterproofing for spring, we are also happy to work with you to find the best time for your schedule. Contact us for a free consultation.

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