How to Know if You Have Foundation Wall Damage

Are your foundation walls damaged? (We have the solution)

If you have damaged foundation walls that are bowed or tilted…

If you don’t use your basement anymore because the cracked foundation walls are dangerous and ugly…

If you worry that damaged foundation walls will lower your property value…

….then we have the solution to fix this problem for good.

How Foundation Walls Are Damaged

Your foundation walls help support the weight of your entire home. But over time, weather, soil conditions, and other factors can weaken your foundation and cause it to break down.

The most common cause of a damaged foundation wall that is bowing or leaning is excessive pressure from the exterior of the wall. When the pressure becomes too much for the wall to handle, it starts to bow, crack, or even break.

Factors that cause foundation wall damage include:

  • Clay soils that expand and contract as the moisture in the ground increases and decreases.
  • Hydrostatic pressure, which is an accumulation of water in the soil surrounding the foundation wall, that exerts pressure against the wall.
  • Frost in the soil next to the wall, which can apply pressure to the wall.
  • These pressures can cause your basement walls to bow or break.
  • Damaged foundation walls are ugly and dangerous, and can allow water and debris to enter your home. If not repaired, these damaged foundation walls could eventually collapse.

You Don’t Have to Live with Damaged Foundation Walls Any Longer

  • We love to fix foundation walls! And we can fix yours, too.
  • Our proven solutions include wall anchors and engineered wall tie-back systems that will straighten and support your damaged walls.
  • These solutions can make your property is safe and usable again.

Advantages of our repair solutions include:

  • Installation can be completed in one day.
  • Can be installed when interior access is limited.
  • There is limited disturbance to landscaping and yard.
  • Will strengthen the wall immediately with the excavation.
  • It’s a permanent solution.

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