Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Needed Foundation Repairs

Over time, your home’s foundation is susceptible to changes in temperature and moisture, leading to changes in the condition of the foundation itself. The weather is getting drier and your foundation may be showing new cracks. Getting a house foundation repair in Kansas City before even bigger problems set in is not only important, but it is cost-effective in the long run.

Let’s begin with the types of foundation cracks that your home in Kansas City and surrounding areas such as Weatherby Lake, Lake Waukomis, Platte Woods, Platte City, Richmond and more, could be experiencing.

Three Types of Foundation Cracks

Here are the three different types of foundation cracks and how they are caused.

Dry Non-Structural Crack

A dry, non-structural foundation crack isn’t a serious concern for the structure of your home, but it does often lead to leaks during rainstorms and melting after winter. While this particular case wouldn’t be a cause for concern for your home’s structure, it still is a cause for leaking within your home and can worsen over time. This means that a foundation repair is still important for your home.

Wet Non-Structural Crack

Kansas City’s dry seasons can have an effect on your foundation repair needs. As water evaporates from the concrete of your foundation, cracks can occur. Fortunately, this can result in wet non-structural foundation cracks that require a small repair.

This is often the case when a foundation has recently been poured. If your home is new or even if the previous owners didn’t tend to foundation repairs, then you may be in need of a foundation repair contractor in Kansas City.

Structural Foundation Cracks

While the first two foundation cracks were non-structural, this kind of crack is more serious and, therefore, requires experienced repairs to get the structural integrity of your home back. Structural foundation cracks are typically caused by movement, whether it’s caused by temperature changes, soil pressure or shrinkage.

Think you might have a foundation crack? Check out House Logic’s article for ways to spot cracks here.

Home Foundation Repairs

Luckily, a foundation crack can be fixed with the proper tools and techniques. When you contact KC Waterproofing and our team of foundation repair contractors in Kansas City, we will assess any foundation cracks, determine the cause of the problem and determine the best way to repair them.

If you’re not sure what kind of foundation crack your home might have, that’s okay. KC Waterproofing easily takes the guesswork out with a foundation repair assessment with our free consultation and quotes.

As leading foundation repair contractors in Kansas City, our first priority is always ensuring that your house foundation repair is long-lasting, leaving you with no worries about your home’s structure.

Contact KC Waterproofing for all your Basement Waterproofing and Foundation repair needs in the Kansas City Metro area. For more information and to contact us for a free estimate, click here.

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