Fix Up Your Concrete with Mudjacking

Sidewalks and driveways will buckle and cause raised edges that become a trip hazard over time. If this is taking place on your driveway, it can make it harder to shovel and an uneven ride for anyone pulling in. Mudjacking is an easy solution.

5 Ways Water Can Get In Your Home

Because basements are underground, they are especially susceptible to water.  There are countless ways water can get into your home and leak into your basement. Even small cracks and leaks can lead to structural damage and moisture problems. It’s not always easy to...

Are your foundation walls damaged?

Your foundation walls help support the weight of your entire home. But over time, extreme weather and soil conditions can weaken your foundation and cause it to break down.

DIY Sump Pump Inspections in 5 Steps

The sump pump is the “heart and lungs” of a home’s waterproofing system. When properly installed and maintained, its the most important tool you have to keep your basement dry. However, if your sump pump stops working for any reason

Building a Home? KC Waterproofing Can Help

It’s true – KC Waterproofing specializes in foundation repair. As your premier Kansas City Foundation repair specialist, we are more than happy to fulfill our primary role. That being said, we do more than just foundation repairs.