The Best Repair Methods for Sunken Concrete

concrete leveling

The Best Repair Methods for Sunken Concrete

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concrete leveling

The Best Repair Methods for Sunken Concrete

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Whether it’s on your sidewalk or your driveway, a sunken section of concrete can look unsightly and create a major tripping hazard. There are a number of ways to perform a sinking concrete repair. Here are the best ones we’ve found.

Replacing or Repairing Concrete

If you don’t want to bother with one of the repairs below, or if the concrete is cracked or otherwise damaged, the best option might be to repair or replace it. Our experts, who all know how to fix sinking concrete, can make a patch that brings the concrete back to level.

On the positive side, patches take away the tripping hazard quickly and cheaply. However, they don’t look much better than simply leaving the concrete out of level. While our team will blend your patch as much as we can, there’s no way to make it identical to the concrete you already have.

If the concrete has suffered cracking or other damage, you may want to replace it. All of our experts know how to repair sunken concrete in this way. We will help you get the best concrete product for your needs and make sure all is level before we leave.

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Another way of performing a sinking concrete repair is to use mudjacking. In this process, we will drill small holes into your concrete. We’ll inject a “mud” – usually a mixture of sand, water, and slurry – under your sunken concrete. This fills in empty spaces below the concrete, and we keep injecting it until it raises the sunken parts.

Our professionals who know how to fix sinking concrete recommend letting this mud dry and harden for at least 2 days before you drive or walk on it. The minimum cost for bringing out our rig may be more than you want to pay to fix a small patch of sunken concrete. You can always split the cost among neighbors with similar problems, though this takes some effort to organize.

Polyurethane Foam

Finally, we can also inject closed-cell polyurethane foam under your sunken concrete. This foam performs your sinking concrete repair in a way that is similar to mudjacking, but it hardens much faster.

The process for injecting the foam is much the same as with mudjacking. Our team will drill small holes in your concrete, then inject the foam. It will expand and harden, raising your concrete. The closed-cell nature of the foam means that it should not be susceptible to breakdown by water.

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There’s no single way to perform a sinking concrete repair. When you need someone who knows how to repair sunken concrete to come to help you decide how to fix yours, contact us at KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. We’ll have an expert at your door ASAP.

Our expert will assess your needs, then recommend the best way to repair your sunken concrete. We’ll start working as soon as we can so you can get your home back to normal fast!



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