House Mold Prevention in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Olathe

Mold prevention

House Mold Prevention in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Olathe

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Mold prevention

House Mold Prevention in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Olathe

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When you own a home, you want to keep it as nice as you can and make sure that you are keeping you and your family healthy and safe while you are living there. This means making sure that your home is structurally safe so that you are not experiencing uneven floors and steps, sticking doors, and large cracks.

It also means checking your home for mold and resolving the issue. While it may be tempting to disregard mold and mildew because they can be very common, mold should be dealt with as soon as possible. Plus, the source of the mold should be resolved. If the mold is just removed and nothing else is done, it will happen again. You need to get to the source of the issue.

How is Mold Caused? Why Worry About It?

Mold and mildew are caused by moisture and are secondary types of water damage. Seeing them on your floors and walls is not only unsightly but depending on the material they are latched on, like wood or other natural materials, mold can rot the surface and create cracks and damage. Molds are the number one cause of allergies and asthma in the home. Mold releases spores and there is a good chance that you and those living with you will inhale it. Depending on the type of mold, the toxins, such as mycotoxin, will spread throughout your home serving as the stepping stones for future symptoms like:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Skin allergies
  • Asthma

How Do I Resolve the Issue?

Remove mold and mold spores from the surfaces of your home with the help of KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. We know that living in a home is much better where you can breathe easy knowing that you and your family are safe and healthy. Our experts will clean out your space and get rid of any mold present. Next, they will install a vapor barrier to keep out any future moisture and mold. We will also examine your foundation for cracks or other areas that are letting in the moisture that is causing the mold. If there are cracks or other issues, we will diagnose and resolve these after cleaning up mold and before putting up the vapor barrier.

If you’re interested in keeping your family safe and healthy, give KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair a call at 816-226-4547 or clickthrough to schedule a free consultation to explore solutions with you. We also offer the following services, which will help reduce the occurrence of said organisms.

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Sump pump systems installation
  • Moisture control

Proud to work to keep families in dry and strong homes in Johnson County, Kansas including, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, Roeland Park, Merriam, and more!



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