Water Damage Restoration

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Why You Should Invest in Water Damage Restoration

If a pipe bursts, dishwasher leaks, washer hose breaks, foundational problem occurs or extreme weather floods your home, you need help right now. At KC Waterproofing we are on the ready to extract the water and dry out your home.

We offer a combination of advanced technology and years of professional experience to get your home back to it’s normal condition. Our IICRC certified experts will develop a plan of action for structure drying and mold or mildew cleanup. By the time we are finished, your home will be clean, dry, and mold free. You can relax knowing your home is taken care of.

In certain cases, basements flood because of foundation problems that need to be addressed. When we perform our estimate, we will also look for the root cause of the problem (other than instances of extreme weather that cause flooding). Whether it’s a burst pipe, a poorly built foundation, or something else, we will get to the bottom of it and get it fixed.

Financing Options

Benefits of KC Waterproofing Water Damage Restoration Solutions

  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Mold-free home
  • Clean and dry home
  • Address the root cause of the flood
  • Mildew clean up
  • Need one more benefit

Water Damage Restoration Insurance Claim Assistance

When your basement is flooded, you don’t have time to worry about trying to get your insurance sorted out.

At KC Waterproofing, we know this. That’s why we work with your insurance company to get the home restored to the original condition. There’s no back and forth phone calls for you, and you get your home back to normal with minimal stress.

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