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If you live in or around Kansas City, you are no stranger to scorching summer heat, icy winter weather, flooding, and at times, tornadoes. Weather fluctuations that cause frequent changes to the soil can wreak havoc on your foundation. Fortunately, KC Waterproofing offers Kansas City, MO residents pier foundation repair services that last, giving foundations the support they need to stand the test of time.

What We Offer
Since 1985, KC Waterproofing has provided trusted foundation repair, crawl space repair, concrete leveling, and basement waterproofing services to homeowners in the Kansas City area. We are experts in foundation repair, including the installation of helical piers and push piers. When you call our Kansas City, MO pier foundation repair team for a free consultation, we will identify any issues with your foundation and recommend the best solution to your problem.

Finding the Best Pier System
Helical piers are used to secure new foundations or repair foundations that have become damaged by providing additional support. These screw-shaped piers thread into the ground with minimal soil disturbance and can be installed quickly by our contractors in Kansas City, MO. Push piers are shaped more like large nails are hydraulically pushed into the ground until they reach load-bearing soil. The piers are then anchored with pier brackets to the foundation by our experienced team in Kansas City, MO. Helical piers and push piers transfer the structure’s weight onto deeper, load-bearing soil, and are an ideal solution to correcting foundation settlement.

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If you’re noticing signs of foundation damage, such as wall cracks, sticking windows and doors, a leaning chimney, or uneven floors, a pier system may be the appropriate solution to provide your foundation with the support it needs. Our pier foundation repair experts at Kansas City, MO’s KC Waterproofing can inspect your foundation and recommend the most cost-effective and long-term repair solutions for your home. Contact our Kansas City, MO slab pier and pier foundation repair contractors today to schedule a consultation or request your free estimate!