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Basement Sump Pumps in Kansas City

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Overland Park Sump Pump Installation

The professionals at KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair are dedicated to keeping your basement dry and to safeguarding your home from water damage. Our comprehensive suite of services in Overland Park includes sump pump installation, repair, and regular maintenance plans. Reach out to us for your basement water protection needs!

The Importance of a Sump Pump

A sump pump, installed in your basement or crawl space, operates by expelling accumulated water from the sump pit or basin up and away from your house. A quality sump installation from our Overland Park team serves as a final protective measure against unexpected water intrusion due to weather events like flooding or because of obstructed gutters.

When choosing your system for basement waterproofing, or to protect your crawl space, the objective is to maintain maximum dryness. A sump pump drainage system from our Overland Park team will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

The Quality of Sump Pumps Matter

Any malfunction in the sump pump can lead to failure of your drainage system, leaving your basement susceptible to water damage despite taking preventive measures like encapsulation or foundation repairs. It’s important not to skimp on the quality of your sump pump. We recommend choosing a high-quality sump pump pit system from our Overland Park team and scheduling a regular inspection and a routine maintenance plan.

Also, if your sump pump is a relic from the past, it’s time to consider replacing it. Older sump pumps tend to lag in their performance, which leads to issues like moisture accumulation, mold growth, wood rot, and other conditions.

Our Exceptional Sump Pump Installation in Overland Park

We propose the installation of our PS-C33 Combination System, designed to perfection. The sump pit of this system is designed with large perforations to facilitate easy entry and efficient expulsion of groundwater. It features a built-in pump stand that prevents dirt from reaching the pump impeller.

The PS-C33 goes beyond just water removal. It aids in keeping your basement and crawl space dry and clean, mitigating concerns related to humidity, mold, and mildew. It even keeps the space dry enough to be suitable for storage.

Contact KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Today for Sump Pump Installation in Overland Park!

We tailor-made our PS-C33 sump pump for KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, and our teams tested it for more than three years before we launched it. This powerful sump pump drainage system in Overland Park outperforms others on the market and uses a ⅓ HP pump to reduce energy consumption.

We strongly recommend the PS-C33, because it easily accommodates a battery backup, which provides a fail-safe during power outages common during severe storms.

Whether you require sump pump maintenance or a new sump pump installation in Overland Park, get a hold of us at KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. You won’t find a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in all of Kansas more committed to quality and service than us.