Frost Heave and Your Foundation

Have you noticed that your foundation is suddenly sporting cracks after the winter snow and ice? You haven’t noticed them before, but now that the snow has melted away a little bit you may be noticing a definite shift. These cracks could be due to what is known as frost heave. Find out a little bit more about the phenomena, how it’s caused, and how it can be resolved. Protect your foundation this winter by reading on.

What is Frost Heave?

Frost heave happens when water saturates the soil (or snow) and then freezes during winter weather. As we know, water expands as it transforms into ice, and in turn, the shift after the snow and ice thaws causes damages to your home’s foundation. You may notice this damage immediately in the form of cracks and uneven floors, and it can ultimately turn into bowing walls and unsafe conditions for your home. One place you may especially notice frost heave is under your deck. The deck may “raise and lower” a few inches each winter. This is probably due to the effects of frost heave.

Common Signs of Frost Heave

Find out if your home is experiencing the effects of frost heave by looking for these common signs:

  • Uneven or sloping floors – these are caused by the foundation being pushed up in one area and staying put in the other.
  • Sticking doors and windows – when the foundation is pushed upwards, it pushes against the door and window frames and causes fit problems.
  • Cracks in the walls and foundation – your foundation and walls can’t handle the stress of such big movement and end up cracking.

Frost Heave Solutions

While we can’t change how the soil moves, we can change how your home is affected by it. How is this possible? At KC Waterproofing, we use underpinning driven deep into the ground to assure that your home is stable and not affected by changes in the top levels of loosely compacted soil. Without support in these areas, or if your home’s footer is not deep enough, you will continue to experience problems with the settlement, frost heave, or worse. Stabilizing your foundation will save you thousands in the long run. Some examples of underpinning may include push piers or helical piers.

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