Slab Settlement

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What is Slab Settlement

The foundation of your home supports the structure and makes sure that it stays stable and safe. When there are problems with the foundation, it can cause major problems throughout the home as well.

It’s important to note that many of us don’t think about our foundation until we notice a problem. One of the most common foundation problems for slab on grade foundations is slab settlement.

Slab settlement occurs in a few specific cases, all involving changes in the soil supporting the foundation. Poorly compacted soil is the main reason that slab settlement occurs. Untouched soil has been compacted for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and is stable enough to hold up foundations. However, most homes will be built with piering systems or some type of support to assure that the soil will not be disturbed and cause problems with the home’s foundation. When this doesn’t happen, we encounter slab settlement where you may start seeing floors sloping, cracks, or other issues.

Another reason for slab settlement is a change in the amount of moisture in the soil. When the home was first built, the soil may have been perfectly fine to support the home. However, over time there could be dramatic changes in moisture that cause the soil to be unstable. Think about a cabin on the river. Over time, the river may flood or erosion may occur with water in the soil. This can lead to settlement as the foundation is no longer adequately supported.

Signs of Slab Settlement in Your Kansas City Area Home

If the basement sump pump stops for any reason, the system will fail and your basement may get wet despite all of the other precautions that you took basement waterproofing like encapsulation and repairing foundation damage. That’s why it’s very important that if you do have a sump pump, you shouldn’t just get any sump pump you can. You should make it of the highest quality and make sure that it is regularly serviced. Additionally, if you have an old sump pump from years past, it may be time to get it replaced and look into our sump pump installations. Older sump pumps can cause moisture build-up, mold, and other issues.

Solutions to Slab Settlement

So you’ve had a professional come out to look at your property and they’ve determined that you have slab settlement–what now? What are the repair options and slab settlement solutions? Underpinning!

Underpinning options include a piering system, helical piers, or another option based on your specific situation. Underpinning takes your existing foundation and supports it with strong, steel piers which are driven into the ground and then attached to your existing foundation. The load is transferred to the piers, and the slab settlement issues are gradually corrected.

Whether your foundation repair contractor will utilize steel push piers, helical piers, or another option will be down to your specific situation. However, in general, the difference between steel push piers and helical piers is slight. Push piers are driven deep into the ground and attached, and helical piers are also driven into the ground, but they have a spiral structure to make sure that the hold is stronger. They are then attached to the building’s foundation as well.

Slab settlement is one of the most common foundation repair issues and we deal with this a lot. We treat our customers like family and we will make sure to answer any questions you have. After the job, we clean up the work site to look better than when we arrived. We do not cut corners, and we are a respected Kansas City area foundation repair and waterproofing company.


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