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Wall Anchors for Overland Park Homes

If you’ve noticed any of your basement walls bowing inward, or if you’ve seen cracks start to proliferate across one or more walls, you’re already on the clock. Bowing or cracked basement walls are a sign that your foundation is under stress, and if you wait too long to get it inspected and fixed, you may be in for more expensive repairs down the line or a major structural disaster.

The expert team at KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair offers wall anchors and screws for Overland Park homeowners that ensure the stability and safety of their foundation for years to come. Anchoring your walls in the surrounding soil is an excellent way to repair bowing basement walls, prevent cracks, and keep your basement dry.

Wall Anchors in Overland Park Trusted by Experts

At KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, we’ve been installing wall anchors in Overland Park properties for decades, and over that time we’ve developed our own preferences for quality materials. We use plate anchor systems made of galvanized steel, so there’s no question about their durability or functionality. Also known as “wall washers,” plate anchors work by fastening one plate to the interior of your basement wall and securing another plate in the soil out away from the foundation. The rod extending between them is tightened, pulling the wall back to an upright position and using the strength of the plates and weight of the soil to keep it in place.

Depending on the job, a series of anchors may be necessary to repair a single bowing wall, and we may recommend other solutions as needed. Additionally, if your home’s foundation has settled, piering systems may be an appropriate solution in addition to wall anchors for concrete basement wall repair for your Overland Park home.

Again, don’t wait if you have bowing or cracked basement walls—call KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Overland Park’s wall anchor experts, for an inspection today and get closer to peace of mind.

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