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What is Concrete Leveling (aka PolyLift?)

Look at your property in Kansas City, MO, do you see uneven concrete slabs that have sunk or raised over time? Your sidewalks, driveway, or porch slabs are the usual suspects. In Kansas City, MO, concrete leveling or lifting, also known as PolyLift, is a solution used to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the surface’s foundation.

Along with not looking as nice as they used to, these raised concrete points, like uneven sidewalk slabs, become a tripping hazard to all who cross them. There’s a solution. And in most cases for Kansas City, MO properties, concrete leveling or PolyLift is the smartest option for your uneven concrete slabs.

Utilizing updated technology for your PolyLift project

At KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, we use a state-of-the-art polyurethane product called PolyLift from Earth Contact Products – another Kansas City company. The PolyLift is an expanding foam that will permanently fix your concrete problem and weighs less than the original mud or new concrete so it won’t compound the sinking problem.

We drill a series of holes in your sunken concrete and add the PolyLift until it is brought back up to the original level. It’s important to note that the setting time of a concrete leveling project is important so you need to avoid the rain. We always put our customers first, so we schedule your concrete leveling project around the weather to ensure your solution gets done right the first time. We are more than Basement Waterproofing. Let us help with your concrete leveling projects in Kansas City, MO, too.

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