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Why Helical Anchor Installation for Your Commercial Foundation

While your foundation is an important structure for any building it still doesn’t mean that it won’t encounter structural problems. It is a difficult task to keep commercial property stable. Because of the number of people coming in and out of the building every single day, the continuous increase of weight can severely affect the foundation. In addition, the soil beneath it can lose strength (due to expansion and shrinkage), and create numerous voids, making the affected areas weak.

It is not wise to ignore the early signs of foundation damage, which often include:

  • Uneven flooring
  • Cracked floors and walls
  • Tilting walls
  • Doors and windows having difficulty opening or closing

At times like these, your best option is to contact professionals who specialize in foundation repairs.

Hire The Experts at Foundation Repair with Helical Anchors

Helical anchors provide lateral stability to the foundation and retaining walls that have lost their strength due to unbalanced earth pressure. When installing this product, we will utilize hand-held equipment, skid steers, backhoes, trackhoes, crane-supported rigs, and mini-excavators, so that the anchors will be locked securely in place.

At KC Waterproofing, we are just the people you need for the job. In addition to our years of experience addressing foundation repairs, our company also offers modern solutions such as helical anchor installations.

The Benefits of Helical Anchor Foundation Repair

We always offer a free consultation and estimate because we know at KC Waterproofing that diagnosing the cause of the foundational damage is the most important step. That knowledge allows us to offer the solution that is going to fix your foundation right the first time.

If we determine that Helical Anchors are the correct solution for your property, choosing this option will unlock the following advantages and benefits:

  • Can be installed under any weather condition
  • Does not generate spoils
  • A clean installation process (with no messy grout)
  • Immediate load tests are conducted after it is installed
  • Can reach areas that have limited or tight access
  • Protected against corrosion via hot-dip galvanizing (optional)

We are here to assess and correct all your commercial foundational needs.

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