The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Cracks In Foundation

Foundation Crack

The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Cracks In Foundation

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Foundation Crack

The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Cracks In Foundation

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Cracks in your foundation are never a good sign – but did you know that how your foundation cracks – vertically or horizontally – can tell you more about the cause and severity of the issue?

Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Foundation Cracks

As we said above, vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal cracks in your foundation can indicate differences in the cause of the crack, also leading house foundation repair contractors in Kansas City to decide on the right solution for the job.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between your home’s vertical and horizontal foundation cracks.

Vertical Foundation Cracks

If you notice that the crack in your foundation is vertical, know that this is the least harmful and concerning of the types of cracks that your house foundation can experience. Vertical foundation cracks in a home are typically caused by the interaction of concrete with the pressure from the weight of the house and its foundation. This is quite normal in fact, as concrete is very strong under compression, but typically cracks under tension.

While a vertical crack doesn’t typically mean that there’s a major concern about the structural integrity of your home, it often does lead to seepage and moisture in your basement – occurrences that can lead to health concerns if left unfixed. Luckily, the solution is fairly simple and permanent for a professional foundation repair company.

Horizontal Cracks

If you notice horizontal cracks in your foundation, it’s time to call professional foundation repair contractors in Kansas City. Simply put, horizontal foundation cracks indicate that the foundation wall is bowing from the pressure from above and surrounding it.

These types of cracks most often occur in concrete block and brick foundations, though this outcome can be seen in poured concrete house foundations as well. Because a home’s foundation is laid with earth (dirt and gravel) surrounding it, pressure can begin to mount. If this earth is not properly done, improper drainage or over-compression can occur. Then the excessive pressure against the foundation wall causes it to bow inwards and creates that telltale horizontal crack.

Techniques for fixing horizontal cracks:

  • Reinforcing the foundation to avoid further bowing of the concrete, either through the use of strapping, posts or braces.
  • Pulling the foundation wall back out so it no longer bows. This technique utilizes an anchor system to pull and keep the foundation in its proper place.

A bowing foundation can be very serious and damaging to your home, affecting the safety and health of your family, but also decreasing the value and resale of your home in the future.

Diagonal Cracks

If you notice diagonal cracks in your foundation, it was likely caused by uneven settling of your Kansas City home’s foundation, which can happen regardless of the age of your home. This type of inconsistent settling is caused by a shift in the ground conditions under the foundation footings, shifts that are varied under that same foundation.

Luckily, this fix is less serious than a horizontal crack, but these foundation cracks take a little more time and materials to repair than a vertical one.

Waiting on a Foundation Repair Could Cost You

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely noticed something abnormal about your house foundation, and you’re wondering if you really need to get it fixed right away. Sometimes, you may want to see if the crack begins to get wider or longer, putting off calling a foundation repair contractor in Kansas City.

But waiting to fix a foundational issue in your Kansas City home such as a foundation crack can quickly turn into a much more costly bill to repair much bigger issues down the road. One small decision to have your foundation cracks repaired by a trusted foundation repair contractor can ensure your investment in your Kansas City home (and your wallet) is protected for the long term.

Trusted Foundation Repair Contractors in Kansas City

Finding the right foundation repair contractors for the job in Kansas City can be yet another reason you keep putting off fixing structural issues with your home – we’re here to make it simple!

KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair offers a team of highly trained and experienced foundation repair contractors to help you assess and repair the foundation cracks in your home – regardless of whether they are vertical or horizontal, small or large.

Contact us for a free consultation for your house foundation repair in Kansas City.

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