Fix Bowing or Leaning Foundation Walls for Good with the KC Waterproofing Helical Tie-Back System

Bowing or leaning basement walls are a common sign of foundation failure. We will talk about the signs and symptoms that your foundation has been damaged here.

Basement walls that are tilting or bowing are dangerous, they don’t look very good, and they can prevent you from using valuable parts of your property.

If bowing, tilting, or leaning walls are not repaired, they could eventually collapse. So it’s important to make the necessary repairs in order to maintain your property in a safe, usable condition.

Why Your Foundation Matters

Your foundation holds the weight of your entire home. But excess groundwater can create pressure on your foundation and cause it to shift.

Over time, these continued pressures underneath a shifting foundation can cause your foundation walls to lean or bow. This generally starts a cascade of other serious foundation problems.

What Causes Your Home’s Walls to Bow or Lean

The most common causes of foundation wall failure are:

  • Clay soils that expand and contract as the moisture in the ground increases and decreases.
  • Hydrostatic pressure, which is an accumulation of water in the soil surrounding the foundation wall that is exerting pressure against the wall.
  • Frost in the soil next to the foundation that can apply pressure to the wall.

What’s the Best Way to Fix Your Bowing, Leaning Walls?

There are many options out there to fix your bowing, leaning walls, so how do you know which one to choose?

The best solution for your situation will depend on several factors, including the location of the problem and the extent of the damage.

A Preferred Solution for Bowing or Leaning Walls: KC Waterproofing Helical Tie-Backs

The KC Waterproofing Helical Tie-Back System involves large, screw-like implements that are installed into the soil adjacent to the affected wall. The Tie-Backs are screwed into the soil horizontally through a small hole in the wall. Then anchors are attached to the interior of the wall, applying tension to straighten the wall and keep it from bowing in the future.

Once the installation is complete, the hole on the inside of the wall is sealed and the site is cleaned up. This process requires very little machinery which minimizes disruption to your property. Also, there is no need to wait for cement or grout to cure, so the installation process is relatively fast.

5 Advantages of the KC Waterproofing Helical Tie-Back System

  • Installation can be completed in one day in any weather.
  • Can be installed even when interior access is limited.
  • Involves limited disturbance to your yard and landscaping.
  • Can strengthen your wall immediately because of the excavation.
  • Is a permanent solution!

Ready to Get Started?

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