The Common Causes of Foundation Damage in the Greater Kansas City Area

Causes of foundation Settlement

The Common Causes of Foundation Damage in the Greater Kansas City Area

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Causes of foundation Settlement

The Common Causes of Foundation Damage in the Greater Kansas City Area

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When you see that your property is developing cracks, uneven flooring, and tilting walls, then there is a high possibility that your foundation is damaged. This structure is the only thing that is keeping your home from sinking underground. Although it would be ideal that it could withstand all types of pressures, placing too much stress on it will surely make it break. However, the age of the foundation is the least of your worries, because there are other external elements that could weaken its form.

Trees and Vegetation

If you like tending to your garden, then you should start thinking about where you place your plants. When trees and other big shrubberies are planted too close to your foundation, their roots can penetrate it as they grow. Once this happens, cracks and other fissures are formed, allowing foreign debris (e.g. dirt, vermin, and rocks) to enter the foundation’s core weakening its structure.

Moisture Content of the Soil

When a foundation is being built, workers make sure to keep it compact so that a sturdy base can hold it. However, if your area often experiences heavy rain and floods, the moisture can weaken the soil. With the support of the ground slipping, your foundation can also sink or shrink, bringing your property with it.

Poor Compaction

Soil compaction is an important step when creating a foundation because it helps keep the foundation’s bearings steady. If it was created poorly (meaning that there are still air pockets after the compaction job) it is not strong enough to hold the accumulated weight of your property and foundation causing your foundation to weaken and sink.

Weak Soils

Not all soils are ideal for property development. Depending on its molecular composition, the soil can be too soft to be constructed on. However, there are some people who still insist to build on such situations and thus, must face the risks that come after damaging their foundations.

Soil Consolidation

Soil consolidation occurs when weight is added and compresses the lower, weak clay soils. The pressure forces moisture out of the clay soils, which causes it to be densely spaced. This downward movement can be experienced at an uneven rate that can stress the composition of your foundation.

Inspect Your Foundation Regularly

The causes of foundation settlement vary. Some can be detected immediately, while others do not. Whatever the cause, it is best that you contact the professionals immediately, to have the situation dealt with pronto.

At KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, we are just the people you need to solve such a task. We are well-equipped and are knowledgeable about all things that deal with your foundation and its problems. With our services available to the Greater Kansas City Area, contact us today for a free consultation to determine the cause of your foundation problem and offer up our expert solution.



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