Water Drainage Systems

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Warrantied Drainage Systems in Greater Kansas City Area

The best way to fix a wet basement is to have a full-perimeter drainage system installed in your basement.

We provide homeowners with a custom-designed drainage system to suit their home specifically. Installation is quick and efficient with our experienced crews completing most waterproofing systems in less than two days.

Our Drainage Systems come with a Full Warranty.

For even greater peace of mind after installation your home is awarded its healthy basement certification as well as a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

Recommended Drainage Systems

We, at KC Waterproofing, offer a wide range of basement waterproofing products and drainage systems that will protect your home.

Our experienced project managers will custom design a perimeter drainage system to suit your basement specifically using the¬†KC Waterproofing’s Basement Guardian System.

We also offer three types of sump pump systems, which are:

  • PS-C11 Comb
  • PS-C22 Combo
  • PS-C33 Combo


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