Sump Pump Installation

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Why You Need A Sump Pump

A basement sump pump is a pump that goes in your basement or crawl space and directs water that collects in the sump pit or basin outside. Basement sump pump installation is important in many homes because it is the last line of defense against water that may enter the home due to unforeseen circumstances, like flooding or clogged gutters.

When you invest in basement waterproofing or waterproofing your crawl space, you want to make sure that it stays dry. This is one way to do so.

Not All Sump Pumps Do The Job

If the basement sump pump stops for any reason, the system will fail and your basement may get wet despite all of the other precautions that you took basement waterproofing like encapsulation and repairing foundation damage.

That’s why it’s very important that if you do have a sump pump, you shouldn’t just get any sump pump you can. You should make it of the highest quality and make sure that it is regularly serviced. Additionally, if you have an old sump pump from years past, it may be time to get it replaced and look into our sump pump installations. Older sump pumps can cause moisture build-up, mold, and other issues.

Financing Options

We Built The Perfect Sump Pump

We recommend a basement sump pump installation of our PS-C33 Combination System. Our sump pit has large punched holes that allow groundwater to easily enter and to be pumped out. It also has a built-in pump stand which keeps dirt away from the sump pump impeller. This is important to keep it running smoothly and always make sure that it’s working.

However, the PS-C33 doesn’t just help remove the water, it also helps your basement and crawl space remain clean and dry so that you don’t have to worry about humidity, mold or mildew and you can use these spaces for storage. Basement sump pump installations in your Kansas City home is the key to having peace of mind during rain storms and flooding. One less worry!

Our sump pump was built specifically for KC Waterproofing according to our specs, and tested by our service department for over three years before it was launched to the public. The C33 pump does as it says and pumps water out faster than others on the market. It is a 1/3HP pump that lowers your overall energy costs by having a ‘green’ motor with high efficiency. We always recommend adding this sump pump as it is a combination with a battery back up, common sense says with heavy storms often comes power outages, and you don’t want to be without a sump pump at the time that you need it most.

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