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Basement Sump Pumps in Overland Park

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Basement Sump Pumps

In humid, storm-prone areas like Overland Park, KS, basement sump pump installation is a necessity. When the ground around your home fills with water during a storm or from sudden snowmelt, it has the potential to leak into your basement via foundation cracks, unsealed crawl spaces, or other spaces that have opened up in the structure of your home due to settling or hydrostatic pressure. Sump pumps collect all that excess moisture and pump it out away from your home’s foundation so you can rest easy no matter how hard it rains. If you routinely notice water collecting in your basement during or after a storm—no matter how small an amount—call KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair today to get your basement inspected and a basement sump pump installed in your Overland Park home.

Why You Need A Sump Pump

When it rains in Overland Park, it often pours, and sometimes that water can overwhelm and seep through a foundation, even if it’s not that old. Not only that, but the soil around your home is constantly draining water throughout the year, and unless you really pay attention, it can be hard to know when it has the potential to affect the structure of your home. 


Often, basements can spring leaks due to a phenomenon called hydrostatic pressure—the force of collected groundwater that pushes against foundation walls and causes them to bow or crack. Water then leaks through even the tiniest of foundation cracks into your basement. If your foundation has settled over the years, there may be plenty of small cracks, gaps in window wells, or other spaces where water will get in.


A sump pump is a simple, small electric pump that sits in a sump pit or “basket” dug in your basement floor. Often accompanied by an interior basement drainage system in your Overland Park home that guides the water in, a sump pump will then kick on automatically and pump out the water away from your home’s foundation.

Not All Sump Pumps Do The Job

Don’t trust just any sump pump for your Overland Park home, however. At KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, we have experience with dozens of different pumps and sump basins in the Overland Park area, and over time we have leveraged our industry experience and technical expertise to create our own ideal sump pump that we know is guaranteed to keep any home safe and dry.

We Built The Perfect Sump Pump

KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair’s PS-C33 Combination System is a great choice for basement sump pump installation in an Overland Park property. Its large, punched holes make it easy for groundwater to enter the sump pit and get pumped out, while its built-in pump stand prevents dirt from entering the pump’s impeller. Moreover, the system helps keep the basement and crawl space dry and clean by preventing humidity, mold, and mildew. Having this basement sump pump installation in Overland Park to protect your home will give you peace of mind during heavy rain and flooding.

Contact KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair today for more information or to schedule your sump pump installation!

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