There are so many factors that go into the value of your Kansas City Metro area home, neighborhoods, interest rates, schools, etc. All of these are outside of your control. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to ensure you are keeping your home ready and at its peak value.

With the new year, it’s a good time to stop and evaluate these projects. These improvements help with you and your family’s quality of life as you remain in the home and set you up for high resale value when it’s time to hit the market.


Square Footage

The more square footage, the more value. Sometimes there is nothing to be done. Sometimes you can add an above ground addition. Or sometimes you can look to your basement. 

Refinishing your basement is an economical way to add square footage. The first step is to ensure you are investing in a dry area. That’s where basement waterproofing comes in. Protect your remodel investment by hiring a professional to ensure your space will remain dry over the long haul. 


Solid Structural Integrity

Most buyers know that a home comes with some repairs to be made. It really depends on how willing the buyer is to make the repairs and how inconvenient those repairs will be. Most buyers shy away when a home inspector says, “this home has foundation issues.” It’s a big statement and could mean a lot of things.

If you are thinking of selling and suspect you have foundation issues, it’s best to get a professional in to assess the situation so you know what you’re dealing with. The repair could be simple or extensive, but you want to know now to keep your family safe and your investment sound.


New or Warrantied Critical Systems

Your HVAC and your roof are major focal points to buyers and the inspectors they are listening to for advice. Ensure these two items are either fairly new so the buyer doesn’t have to think about it for awhile. Or ensure they are warrantied so the new buyer has peace of mind should something go wrong.


Upgrades and Updates

There are updates we all like to do to add value to the home for you and our loved ones. The things that make your home functional and a place of warmth in your everyday life. 

But updates made to solely raise the value of the home are a bit different. If you’re looking to add kitchen updates or landscaping updates or even a pool to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer, it’s best to consult a realtor to learn what the return on investment will be on that effort. You can also use this helpful Home Value Calculator tool before making any major renovations to learn how it will affect your overall home value. 


Windows and Doors

No buyer likes the idea of having to replace the windows. But you probably don’t like the idea of utility dollars flying out those windows. New windows can provide an update to the look and feel of your house along with better energy efficiency. A window investment historically yields one of the largest ROIs in home improvements.

Don’t underestimate your front door. According to experts, a new front door can add significant ROI to your home. It needs to be sturdy, feel secure conveying safety and fit with the architectural integrity of your home. If you can’t buy a new door, even just painting your existing door and adding new hardware can give the same effect.


Let us help with your Kansas Greater Kansas City Area’s Home Value

Home is definitely where the heart is. We hope these tips help you keep your Kansas City Metro area home in tip top shape, for you and your family and for investment. If your projects include, foundation, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair or mudjacking and concrete leveling, let KC Waterproofing help by contacting us here.

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