One of the most important steps of building a home is making sure that the foundation is safe, structurally sound, and will last for many years to come. However, this isn’t always the case due to factors like poorly compressed soil before construction, problems with shoddy foundation work, and shifting sands and soils. Your foundation is the most important part of your home, but it may be failing. How can you spot the damage, and why does it happen? Let’s find out.

How Does Foundation Damage Usually Start?

The soil in the United States varies from region to region, and if your area is known to be filled with soft or unstable soil, it is imperative that your home’s foundation is supported with piering systems that will keep it stable and level. However, this is not always done by contractors pre-construction and will need to be resolved later when you begin to notice foundation issues. Throughout the home’s existence, your foundation may also experience a couple of disasters such as floods and minor ground movements. Your foundation may not be as strong as you think it is and can only sustain a certain amount of stress before it begins to weaken. This is when it’s time to call the professionals at KC Waterproofing.

How to Spot Foundation Damage

It is not only expensive to repair a severely damaged foundation, but can be difficult and time-consuming as well. You can save yourself the trouble of spending too much on repairs because your foundation will show signs of damage early. You just have to pay attention and act when you discover them. When you spot these signs early and catch them in their tracks you will end up saving money in the long run. Leaving foundation issues will only cause them to become worse and more expensive to repair over time.

What are some examples of foundation warning signs that you can spot early on?

  • Tilting chimneys
  • Sinking floors over a crawl space
  • Cracks along window frames, door openings, and walls
  • Horizontal or stair-step cracks along walls
  • Uneven flooring

While some of these problems may seem like normal issues that are nothing to worry about, they should not be ignored. In addition to being a sign of foundation failure, tilting chimneys can become a liability issue if you have falling bricks. Sinking floors and cracks along window and door frames and walls are also a big sign of shifting and settling of the foundation which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. In most cases, when you notice foundation problems they will need to be repaired. Whether it will be a small or large repair will depend on the severity of the issue. However, it’s always best to get a free estimate and see what our professionals have to say before jumping to any conclusions.

Some Areas Are Harder to Spot

Additionally, there are also foundation warning signs which are harder to spot. If you think that there may be a problem but you’re not sure, it’s better to just call the professionals and get a free estimate to try to figure out what the issue is. At KC Waterproofing, we are the experts you need to tackle foundation damage and waterproofing issues. We are efficient professionals who will help you find out the problem, offer solutions, and repair the issue.

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