Repair for Moody Elementary School

Geiger Ready Mix delivered the flowable grout to be placed under the concrete floor after lifting it.

Flowable fill is placed in the cored holes to fill the void created by lifting with the Helical Slab Piers.

Ready to lift the slab back into place using the power team multi-lifting system.

10” Cores made through the concrete floor to install the Helical Slab Piers.

Several holes are required to install all of the Helical Slab Piers.

Ready to install the Slab Bracket and lift slab into place.

This shows the void under the concrete slab after we cored it. This is one of the reasons the floor settled.

Moody Elementary in Overland Park, Kansas.

While the Slab piers were being installed inside, we also were installing Push Piers on the outside of the building. These are pushed to load bearing strata and then uniformly lifted.

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