If you are a homeowner, you probably have had to deal with a lot of house-related issues on a daily basis, from changing light bulbs to handling pests. One of the issues you do not want to be added to that already long list is basement leaking.

Unfortunately, this is one of the more common house problems that homeowners in the U.S contend with. To fix the issue would usually require employing the services of experienced professionals.

What Are The Root Causes Of Wet Basement Issues?

Having a wet basement is never a good thing, apart from the damage it can do to the structure of your property, it also provides the perfect conditions for pests, some of which can be dangerous, to make your basement their home. Below are some of the common causes of wet basement: 

      Cracks In Your Foundation

It is not uncommon to have cracks in the foundation of your home, but it could be the reason for your wet basement. Water tends to seep up through the cracks from and into your basement. These cracks could exist because of issues with your foundation or hydrostatic pressure. A professional would know which it is and be able to form a plan to fix the problem.

      Interior Water Leaks and Basement Condensation

Basement walls and floors are typically cool because they are close to the ground and under your house. When warm humid air comes into contact with these floors and walls, condensation forms which can lead to your basement retaining a lot of moisture.

You could also have pipe leaks or leaks from your sinks, bathroom, washing machine, and toilets. These all contribute to excessive moisture in your basement.

      Bad Grading

Grading in construction is the process of ensuring a level base to erect a structure on. When it is properly done in your home, the grading will slope away from your house, not towards it which allows water to move away from your house.

But when it is not done correctly, the water drains towards your house, allowing it to seep through the foundation and ultimately lead to a wet basement. 

How KC Waterproofing Can Help You Solve Your Wet Basement Issues

You do not have to live with a wet basement, and for those that live in and around Kansas City, there is a solution for you. KC Waterproofing is a basement waterproofing service that will help you dig deep to find out the root cause of your wet basement, then they will recommend the best solution to fix that particular cause. This means that your issues will not resurface anymore.

KC Waterproofing is committed to continuous training of their personnel and staff which shows in the quality of service that they offer. Need professional help fixing your wet basement issues? Visit https://kcwaterproofing.com/ to schedule a consultation fee today.