With the arrival of the Kansas City rainy season, gallons of water are deposited across the city, and overwhelm gutters and drainage systems. During periods of wet weather, a common occurrence is damp or wet basements. With the ground already saturated, water will often creep into basements, crawl spaces and other low-lying structures. Aside from the obvious inconvenience, damp basements also increase the overall humidity of a building, forcing air conditioners to work overtime to eliminate the damp air. Air quality is affected and this presents health hazards to the home occupants, as the moist conditions harbor molds, mildew and other allergens.

The sump pump is an essential for any home with a basement or crawlspace. It offers a defense against flooding as it collects water and then deposits that water at a safe distance from the home. A quality sump pump is a truly effective safeguard against the proverbial and literal rainy day.

Sump pumps, like any tool or appliance, should be regularly maintained to ensure that they are ready and capable should a situation arise. A sump pump that fails to perform in the hour of need is truly a disaster. A consistent regimen of maintenance is recommended by professionals in the field.

There are several aspects of maintenance that should be taken into account. The first of these the checking of the power supply, ensuring that the cord is in good condition, and without any cracks. Sump pumps should also be installed using a GFCI outlet. These outlets can sometimes be tripped without the homeowner being aware of it, and as a result, the pump is rendered useless. Routine upkeep will make certain that power is running to the pump correctly. 

During a maintenance routine, sump pumps should be tested for proper function. When water is poured around the pump, the pump should kick on and begin pumping the water out. Sometimes the sump pump can be clogged or dirty, preventing the pump from being triggered. For this reason, the sump pump should also be cleaned regularly. The grate and vent hole should both be kept clean and free of buildup or debris. 

Attention should also be shown to the outlet pipes. Due to weather, animals, or being jostled, cracks and breaks can occur, or pipes can come apart at the intersections. Care should also be shown to ensure that drainage is occurring at an appropriate distance from the target home. 20 feet is a recommended and safe distance. Allowing the sump pump to empty too closely can contribute to erosion, and cause additional problems. Pipes should be inspected at regular intervals in order to guarantee the proper removal of water.

Maintaining a sump pump can be a draining task for many homeowners, but the professionals at KC Waterproofing can help. They offer competent services to Kansas City residents and surrounding areas such as Prairie Village, KS, Leawood, KS, Overland Park, KS, Liberty, MO, Bonner Springs, KS and more, and provide maintenance for sump pump systems regardless of who originally installed them. Customers of KC Waterproofing expect and receive exceptional customer service as well as expert care. 

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