Kansas City Sports Fans at KC Waterproofing

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Kansas City Sports Fans at KC Waterproofing

It’s true – we admit it! Foundation repair doesn’t have a whole lot to do with sports. Nonetheless, as your Kansas City foundation repair specialists, we feel it necessary to acknowledge what our amazing sports teams have been doing. Not only that, we at KC Waterproofing are some of the biggest sports fans around, so we would be remiss to let the amazing feats of the Kansas City sports go without mention.

Did you know that 2015 is the first year that both the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals made the playoffs in the same calendar season? The Royals battled from a wild-card berth to win their first world series since 1985, defeating the New York Mets in only five games. Could that be prophetic? Could the Kansas City Chiefs win their first Super Bowl since 1969? We at KC Waterproofing sure hope so.

The Importance of a Strong Foundation for Your Home and Your Team

Here’s how our Kansas City teams have done it – with a strong foundation. Don’t laugh! It may seem like a stretch, but it’s true. Whether you’re dealing with a sports team, a commercial building, or a residential home, a strong, solid foundation is key to strength and success. And when cracks show up or signs appear that the foundation is weak, you deal with them as quickly as possible so as to prevent future problems.

Your Key to Foundation Success in Kansas City

As the NFL playoffs begin, we’re rooting for our Kansas City Chiefs with you! And we’re here for you in dealing with any and all of your home’s foundation problems. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, have noticed some signs of foundation damage in your home, or would just like to ask questions about foundation repair, give KC Waterproofing a call. We’re here to help, and cheer on our favorite sports teams!

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