KC Waterproofing knows that when it comes to foundation repair, there is more than one way to tackle the problem. Although the most common cause of foundation troubles comes from the soil beneath it, there are a number of other situations that can severely affect your foundation such as leaking pipes or a damaged crawl space.

We are experts in the many different foundation repair solutions you’ll learn about below, but the most important part is determining the cause of foundational problem before choosing the solution method. At KC Waterproofing we take that step just as seriously as applying the solution to ensure your foundation is back to tip top shape.

Types of Foundation Repairs We Offer

House Leveling

House leveling is the most basic foundation repair materials option. Overtime, the soil underneath your property cannot carry the load of your home – causing it to sink. By implementing pier systems and underpinning techniques to your foundation, it will be easier to stabilize your building permanently.

Foundation Waterproofing

Moisture, leaking pipes, and other water-related disasters can create cracks on your foundation’s surface. Installing a proper waterproofing system will not only keep your foundation safe but also prevent groundwater from ever entering your home.

Foundation Stabilization

Stabilizing your foundation with steel piers, wall anchors, braces, and the like, can prevent it from settling and sinking.

Crawl Space Joist Support

Your crawl space and foundation share the same location, and if one experiences a problem, so will the other. If your foundation is sustaining damage from your crawl space, we can fix the situation by installing a steel post beneath the central beam to provide a solid mid-span support for floor joists.

Foundation Underpinning

Also known as pairing, this method utilizes steel piers, which are installed directly into the weak soil and driven down until they reach solid earth. It connects the foundation to solid load-bearing strata at a greater depth.

Shotcrete Repairs

We can transform the weak walls of your foundation into reinforced, solid, stable ones by applying concrete in spray form.

Retaining Wall Repair & Construction

If your retaining walls are no longer functioning the way you want them to, we can have them repaired or we can build a new one from scratch. This option, however, may require limited excavation to improve the drainage behind the wall.

Mud Jacking/Slab Jacking

This method works well with all types of concrete slabs, including sidewalks. By pumping liquid concrete beneath a settled slab, it will raise it up and fill the voids overtime.

Polymer Injection

Polymer injection is an innovative way to repair your foundation. Simply inject the substance underneath the affected area to strengthen the soil. After the injection, the ground will slowly rise and even out your foundation.

If you are having problems with the durability of your foundation, contact KC Waterproofing and we will schedule a free consultation so we can get you the repair you need right way.