Driven Piers for Foundation Repair

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Driven Piers Installation Services in Kansas City, MO

Foundation damage is a tricky fix that you should not do alone. There are a lot of elements that need to be considered when repairing a residential or commercial foundation and the type of damage is just one of the many things you need to consider. At times like these, your best answer is to contact professionals who specialize in this area of expertise, which we, at KC Waterproofing, are very familiar with.

For many years, our company has stabilized and repaired numerous foundations – preventing homes from sinking into the ground. Our success is made possible through our experience, skilled professionals, and top-of-the-line tools that strengthen your foundation’s form.

The Push Pier Explained

The push pier system is just one of the many options you can choose from. These rugged steel pier sections were built to help transfer the weight of your home or property.

By doing so, your foundation will receive less stress and is capable of being restored to its original level. The process of installing this system is only suitable for experts, so if you believe that your foundation is experiencing some problems, give us a call so that we can help you discover the solution and apply it right the first time.

Let Us Perform These Foundation Repair Steps For Your Property

We provide a free consultation and estimate because our years of experience tells us that knowing the cause of the foundational problem is the first step to applying the correct solution.

The following steps give you a basic outline of what to expect with your Commercial foundation repair with KC Waterproofing.

Step 1

Excavate the surrounding soil to expose your foundation’s footing. The location of excavation depends on where the piers will be installed.

Step 2

Heavy-duty steel brackets are secured to your foundation’s footings.

Step 3

The piers are hydraulically driven through the bracket, bedrock, or competent soils.

Step 4

Once everything is in place, the excavated soils will be returned back to their original locations. The weight of your commercial property or home is then carefully transferred via this setup and the results can be felt after a few weeks or months.

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