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Commercial Foundation Services in Kansas City

KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair provides commercial structural support to keep your building is stable, safe, and ready to last for years to come. With more than 300 products available to us, our professional team is capable of finding solutions and offering you a level of service that is hard to come by. We excel at what we do due to our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to top-notch results with our patented foundation stabilization process. Call us now for help stabilizing your commercial building in Kansas City!

Commercial Foundation Solutions

Commercial buildings need to be strong, stable, and long-lasting to be truly safe to guests and workers. We offer help with foundation solutions, so that you can be sure your property is a secure place for guests and employees. Call us out to help with retrofits for foundation failures, wall tiebacks, bridges and boardwalks, pipelines, bulkheads, light poles, and more!

Driven Piers Installation

Foundation damage is a tricky fix with a lot of elements that need to be considered. Contact professionals who specialize in this area of expertise, like those at KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. For many years, our company has stabilized and repaired numerous foundations with top-of-the-line tools that strengthen your foundation’s form.

The push pier system is just one of the many options you can choose from. These rugged steel pier sections were built to help transfer the weight of your home or property so your foundation receives less stress. Give us a call so that we can help you discover the solution by excavating the soil, securing brackets to your foundation, installing the piers, and returning the soil.

Helical Pile Foundation

Though it’s ideal that your foundation can withstand any kind of external pressure, it can also experience damage at any given moment. One of the most common dilemmas is the expansion and shrinkage of soil, which creates gaps between the ground and the foundation, making it weak in the process. Our helical pile system is an innovative way to deal with this problem.

Helical piles are versatile and a promising foundation alternative. They are first screwed into the ground then brackets are connected to it and the foundation’s footing. This setup helps transfer the weight of the existing structure from the unstable soil carefully, through the piles, to component soil or bedrock. The installation process is fast, does not generate spoils or uncomfortable vibrations, and it is often cheaper than other foundation repair alternatives.

Helical Anchor Installation

It is a difficult task to keep commercial property stable. Because of the number of people coming in and out of the building every single day, the continuous increase of weight can severely affect the foundation and the soil beneath it, making affected areas weak.

Helical anchors provide lateral stability to the foundation and retaining walls that have lost their strength due to unbalanced earth pressure. They can be installed under any weather condition, can reach areas that have limited or tight access, and creates no messy grout.

Kansas City’s Commercial Foundation Pros

KC Waterproofing and Foundation Repair always offers a free consultation and estimate. We know that diagnosing the cause of the foundational damage is the most important step. That knowledge allows us to offer the solution that is going to fix your foundation right the first time. Call us now to make an appointment and receive assistance!

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