Fundation Repair Methods for Your Kansas City, MO Home

What are the best foundation repair methods? Are certain methods better than others? Is it possible for me to repair my foundation on my own?

Foundation repair methods can be very different, and all are not created equal! KC Waterproofing uses only the best, most advanced, and most reliable repair methods available and combines those methods with the best equipment and materials on the market today.

The Best Foundation Repair Methods

KC Waterproofing uses proven, patented systems and foundation repair materials, including piles made of American steel to repair foundations. Using either driven or helical piles, KC Waterproofing drives or torques them deep into the earth, ensuring increased strength, improved resilience, and a more stable foundation. Each of these piles is driven to a different depth to ensure optimum support and surrounded by guide sleeves for increased strength to provide a repair that lasts.

Whether KC Waterproofing uses driven or helical piles, you will be getting quality work with the best American-made materials around. All piles are secured to the foundation using an advanced steel head and tested to ensure they can withstand pressure that far outweighs that of the foundation they are being used to support.

Inferior Foundation Repair Methods

Some companies like to cut costs and corners with inferior repair methods and inferior foundation repair materials. While these methods may cost less and look okay immediately after being finished, they are less than optimal, often requiring further repairs.

Concrete press piles are used by many companies. In this foundation repair method, pre-fabricated concrete columns are pushed into the ground under the foundation. This provides a quick and cheap fix, but doesn’t provide the support of helical piles or driven piles and is subject to shifting. Other companies use concrete piers, pouring concrete into holes in the ground. The problem with this method is that it fails to reach supportive depths.

KC Waterproofing

KC Waterproofing will do the job right the first time. Using advanced expertise, exhaustive experience, the best foundation repair methods, and the ultimate foundation repair materials, we can fix any foundation. Contact KC Waterproofing, and see what we can do for you.