American Royal Building

Steel Piering at the American Royal Building in Kansas City, MO

2 7/8” Single 8” Helix installed to depths from 32ft to 75ft. These are being placed under the failed CMU Wall inside the arena. This was a real safety hazard for the people visiting the arena. Work was being done for the City of Kansas City and JE Dunn

KC Waterproofing Pier installed with the bracket. It is ready to be bolted to the foundation and backfilled.

Most all the KC Waterproofing Steel Piers were installed using a 430 Bobcat. They where torque to 2200 Psi. We needed to have an ultimate load of 30,000lbs, with allowed us with a 15,000lb working load.

A requirement of the project was to do a test pier to determine that the depth and load could be achieved. A senior engineer came into town to do the test. Fernando helped throughout the project.

Test pier installed.

American Royal Building. Downtown Kansas City Missouri. We installed 95 – 2 7/8” Helical pier under a failing CMU Wall. This project bid once before but it was determined the winning installer did not have the experience the city was requiring. That is Why KC Waterproofing was called and was used to ultimately perform the job.


Entrance into the Building


You can see the CMU wall has cracked and the slab has dropped. The engineers on project determined that lifting was not the way to go, so we stabilized it from any downward movement.


Crack in the CMU wall and the wall is rotating outward.


Orange boxes represent where the Steel piers where going to be installed.


You can see the clips that hold the wall at the top are no longer touching the CMU wall. These were replaced after the work was completed.


The test pier has been installed in the middle and the outer piers are called reactor piers. We are going to apply pressure on the center pier in small increments and measure the deflection of the pier.


Gages are very sensitive and measure the slightest movement.


Holes opened up in the floor and ready for the piers to be installed.


Josh from is carefully monitoring the gauges and recording all data from the load test. The KC Waterproofing piers exceeds the expectations of the onsite engineer.


Marsha with KH Engineering Group, and Leigh and O’Kane engineering


JE Dunn. Great Group to work with.


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